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Horizon Zero Dawn: The Thunderjaw Collection

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Thunderjaw Collection

The Thunderjaw.

The name alone sends icy spikes of terror through even the most fearless hunter.

This colossal beast stalks the land and the nightmares of tribal warriors, including the outcast huntress Aloy.

This breathtaking statue is modelled in an iconic pose atop the land it rules, stands 15’’ tall and 15.6’’ long from nose to tail – and comprises over 200 assembled parts.

You can also plot your path to survival with an exclusive game world map and own Aloy’s advanced tech earpiece, which she uses to analyse her surroundings and enemies through augmented reality.

Also included are two exclusive lithograph prints, depicting gorgeous artwork from the game.


  • Premium Thunderjaw statue
  • Exclusive world map
  • Aloy’s “Focus” earpiece
  • Two exclusive lithographs
  • Premium packaging